World Issues Solved On Local 2m Repeater

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By K5PO, on the scene

STRATFORD, MI – Yesterday started like most days on the Stratford Mountain 147.225 ham radio repeater, with whining about the XYL’s quilting problem, discussions on the recent cold spell, and the unintentionally keyed mic capturing the sounds of Mark Mills belching in pleasure at the completion of his breakfast. None of those participating in the morning drive-time chat thought much about it or had any idea of the magnitude of what would follow.

Jim Brantski is usually the first to start. As soon as Brantski gets enough coffee in his blood he’ll bring up some unappealing part of the current state of political affairs to complain about. “Ohhhh that Obama!” he quipped on this morning, with more than a little disdain in his tone. This is usually how it all starts.

“You’re telling me!” replied Jonny Pickle. “Where did our country go? This sure wasn’t what my granddad fought for in the World War II!”

The empty pseudo-political banter continued for a few minutes until the soft-spoken Robert Yurder made the statement, “I have an idea about this whole Middle East crisis.”

“Well, let’s hear it Rob,” Brantski replied. He had a tone indicating he wasn’t particularly interested in Yurder’s opinion.

Yurder proceeded to lay out a set of fresh and innovative ideas that seemed to provide truly viable options for Israeli and Palestinian states to coexist peacefully and without undue concessions on either side. The repeater went silent.

Mills, satiated from a quality breakfast, finally replied “That is a lovely idea Rob, and I appreciate you sharing it with us.” The tone was a stark contrast from his typical highly-charged tirades against most-everything. “You know, I have some ideas, too,” said Mills. He then proceeded to lay out a brilliant 10-step plan to balance the U.S. budget without any spending cuts or new taxes.

Again the repeater fell silent in amazement and agreement to the well-thought-out, non-partisan, non-rhetoric-filled ideas being shared.

“Well, it’s not like that Obama would ever do that!” cackled Brantski, doing well to dismiss all the productive conversations and ensuring they’d never occur again. Ever.


photo credit: arnybo via photopin cc


  • Will

    This is the reason I do not like to get on most repeaters in my area.I get so tired of hearing the political B/S day in and day out.

    People wonder where I am but try as you may to talk about something productive or interesting someone always has to say the devil’s name at least 20 times per day and enough is enough.

    I have turned to other forms of entertainment besides my radio and in the process of installing my own closed repeater to keep these types off the air,at least in my area.

    I hate to be this way but when you moan and complain all the time about something you are not willing to do something about nor have the ability to accomplish it is time to shut up about it.

    Ham radio has changed so much in the last few years and it seems to be where no one has anything to talk about.I would love to have at least one politics free repeater and enjoy life.

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