“Ultimate” Transceiver To Be Unveiled At Dayton Hamfest

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By WB0RUR, on the scene

DAYTON, Ohio – Little-known HF radio manufacturer Spurlock Technologies will unveil  what the company calls “the ultimate HF transceiver” this month at the Dayton Hamfest.

secretrig“The device is customizable in every way,” says corporate VP of Marketing Reginald Van Stank Hoeven. “And we do mean in EVERY WAY.”

Spurlock Technologies – which is known in the northwest U.S. for innovative developments in potato thrashing farm implements – is venturing into the ham radio market with the XK-1001 transceiver.

The modular units (sold separately) can be assembled in any number of configurations – vertical, horizontal, diagonal or “daisy-chained” with patch cables (sold separately) – depending on operator pleasure and practices. Transmit power varies from .05 watts to 2000 watts with the twist of a knob (sold separately) on the power amplifier module (sold separately). The radio will operate on frequencies from 1.8 MHz through 550 GHz depending on the activated operating modules (sold separately).

Van Stank Hoeven says even cosmetic features are customizable.

“The unit comes with the lower half of a very nice wooden case (top half of case sold separately) made of finely-oiled burlwood. In it, you may place a rainbow of spray paints (sold separately) for customizing the radio chassis. There are also 15 sets of decals (sold separately) in varying fonts and sizes and 6 sets of interchangeable knobs (sold separately). All are designed to provide the amateur with the most enjoyable operating experience available.”

Additionally available from Spurlock Technologies is a wide-range of LEDs which will illuminate the multiple radio readouts (sold separately) and provide backlighting for the front panels (sold separately).

Ham radio operators looking for an entry level rig may want to start with the base unit, which sells for $499 and consists of a large knob.

“The more seasoned ‘expert’ hams will enjoy purchasing our upgrades and actually being able to get on the air,” says Van Stank Hoeven.

Mark your convention calendar now and plan on attending the XK-1001 debut at the Dayton Hamfest.

It is scheduled for 2:00 p.m., May 18 at Hara Arena, Pavilion 1B. Finger sandwiches and drinks (sold separately) will be available.

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