NRRL Documents Show Discord Over NPOOTA

By K5KVN, on the scene NEWINGSTEAD, VT — Recently uncovered documents from a National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) meeting in 2015 show discord over what kind of on-air event the group should sponsor in 2016. The records show a bewildered discussion about what, precisely, should be activated. Ham Hijinks obtained the meeting records though an anonymous source who wasn’t authorized […]

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Recent NPOOTA Operation Disqualified

By K5OY, on the scene MENDELTON, NEVADA — In a shocking turn of events, the record-setting National Pizza Ovens On The Air (NPOOTA) operation of Titus “Slim” Magnusson has been declared ineligible. This according to National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) CEO Bob Gilligan. The ham radio world was giddy with excitement after Slim reported an almost incomprehensible 3,451 contacts, easily […]

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New Time-Saving QSO Program Announced

Know Before You QSO Program

By WBØRUR, on the scene NEWINGSTEAD, VERMONT – The National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) today announced a new program designed to save amateur radio operators time and irritation on the ham bands. According to NRRL Executive Director Bob Gilligan, the “Know Before You QSO” program authorizes US-licensed ham radio operators to identify with a special callsign suffix dependent on the […]

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Officials Vow to Block Obama Contacts

A Ham Hijinks staff report WASHINGTON, D.C. – Questions around U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent NPOOTA activation have some Washington insiders vowing to prevent the contacts from being confirmed. According to White House activity logs, Obama – who holds the callsign NØBMA – decided on a spontaneous pizza run Friday afternoon to the Georgetown Pizza Pit. After finishing a Chicago-style […]

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NRRL Announces NPOOTA Updates

By WBØRUR, on the scene NEWINGSTEAD, VERMONT – “An overwhelming response and an overload of calories!” That’s how the man chosen to lead the National Radio Retransmission Legion describes the first few weeks of the organization’s “National Pizza Ovens On The Air” (NPOOTA) event. “It is designed to celebrate local pizzerias across our country; those unsung heroes of regional cuisine and […]

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