Study Determines Top 5 Reasons for Attending Hamfests

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NEWINGSTEAD, Vermont – The National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) has results in-hand of a high-level study determining the primary reasons amateur radio operators attend swap meets, commonly called “hamfests.”

HamfestCommissioned in 2009 with a price tag of more than $85,000, the NRRL hopes to pinpoint the major reasons for attendance and share those motivators among member clubs. The goal is to provide club guidance and grow this facet of the hobby.

The famed Hoovingmeyer Institute of Rottsdam, Arizona, performed the 3-year-long analysis using the latest scientific methods.

“As you might suspect,” says Hoovingmeyer Institute Executive Director Michael F. Smithton, “the reasons for attending are as varied as the attendees themselves. However, our patented algorithms and pivot tables have determined 5 commonalities. We believe these will be helpful to the NRRL membership.”

Smithton says the top 5 reasons ham radio operators attend hamfests are (in rank order):

5) See if “that guy” is there again,
4) Purchase home-crafted jewelry, kitchen utensils and/or doilies,
3) Return the LED name badge purchased last year that has stopped working,
2) There’s doughnuts and strong, black coffee at the snack bar; and
1) Lunch at the ‘all you can eat’ buffet afterwards.

NRRL President Ray Fergie says the findings are “eye-openers” and will be integrated into the NRRL’s long-term strategy and membership campaigns. “We think these will be key elements to future club growth,” says Fergie, adding, “We might even encourage hamfest organizers to hold their own “all you can eat” events.

No word if bacon will be on the menu; but it should be.

Smithton says the NRRL will share the results with members after someone figures out how to use PowerPoint.



  • Jim Adams AA0CW

    Mmmmm bacon.

  • That guy is always there but sometimes he isn't just to trip you up.

    • wo5i

      Sometimes YOU are “that guy”. Hi hi

  • WUsername* W1GWU

    Another reason – to see if the dummy with the “rubber ducky” antenna on his hardhat is still trying to make a contact.

    Everyone knows that an antenna on a fiberglass roof needs to be a half wavelength long.

    He needs to get an aluminum hardhat. (and a life!)

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