Recent NPOOTA Operation Disqualified

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By K5OY, on the scene

MENDELTON, NEVADA — In a shocking turn of events, the record-setting National Pizza Ovens On The Air (NPOOTA) operation of Titus “Slim” Magnusson has been declared ineligible. This according to National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) CEO Bob Gilligan.

The ham radio world was giddy with excitement after Slim reported an almost incomprehensible 3,451 contacts, easily beating the previous record of 2,200.

In a press release issued this morning, Mr. Gilligan said, “In reviewing the operation, the NRRL has determined Mr. Magnusson did not adhere to the very strict guidelines set forth by NPOOTA. Because of this determination, the only option is to disqualify the effort. Furthermore, Mr. Magnusson will be suspended from NRRL membership for a period of five years, giving up all rights and privileges associated with membership. No further statement will be issued on this matter.”

While official details are sketchy, Magnusson’s QSL manager, Joel Headey, offered a possible insight for this action.

“Slim thought it would be okay to set up a radio in his home kitchen while cooking frozen pizzas in his oven. He must’ve baked 15 to 20 extra cheesy supreme frozen pizzas during his 20 hours of operation. I guess the NRRL doesn’t consider an olive green Amana 4 burner stove/oven combo as a pizza oven. It’s a shame, too. He ate most of those pizzas himself,” said Headey.

Slim, who was also associated with the infamous Isthmus’s On The Air incident, was unavailable for comment.



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