Radio Shack Offers Bold New Product Line

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By WBØRUR, on the scene


FT. WORTH, Texas — In a move that has Wall Street analysts simultaneously scratching their heads in confusion while also applauding the bold steps taken to reinvigorate one of the country’s most recognized consumer electronics brands, Radio Shack has announced they will carry a new product line of fried chicken.

chicken_shackRadio Shack CEO Joey Magna Carta says the company has been “foolin’ around” with The Shack product assortment for several decades, but they got it “just right” this time.

“I’ll admit it,” Magna Carta explained to reporters at a recent news conference. “We didn’t quite understand the hobbyist market when we got out of the business of DIY kits and components.  We didn’t understand the cell phone market when we put all our eggs in that basket.  We got on the “internet routers, cat 5 cables and Wi-Fi train” a bit late.  And truthfully, we really screwed up when we started charging for catalogs. But if there’s one thing that Radio Shack is going to be known for in the future, IT’S FRIED CHICKEN.”

Magna Carta says customer feedback – particularly from the ham radio community – indicates most, if not all hams, eat fried chicken on a semi-regular basis.

He adds that several celebrity chefs have signed on to create “new and exciting” fried chicken recipes for the perennially beleaguered electronics chain.

“We are still working on details of exactly how to merchandise this new line,” says the CEO.  “For now, our 10 test markets are placing it in drawers between the radio controlled spiders and the iPhone 3G protective cases.”



photo credit: mightyohm via photopin cc
photo credit: mightyohm via photopin cc


  • KE6ZGP

    Bring on the waffles!

  • KE6ZGP

    We asked them to bring back the battery club, instead we get the Chicken Club w/ creamy horseradish and hot sauce.

  • Dow Pierce

    Change the Name. Nothing to do with “RADIO”
    There was a time they soold Amateur 2M/220 10 Meter Radios. Coax, PL259’s Power Supplys. Books for new Hams to Study for their Exams. NOw NOthing butr Cell Phones and Now Chicken. Better off finding AS Radio at KFC
    Dow Pierce W4DOW
    Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator for 53 years.

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