Radio Group Holds Hamfest To Compete With Dayton

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By WB0RUR, on the scene

WINTER HAVEN, Arizona – The “Mavericks of the Southwest” Amateur Radio Club are announcing an event to compete with the Dayton Hamfest in mid-May.

Can't go to Dayton? Come to the hamfest to be held in the Methodist Church.

Can’t go to Dayton? Come to the hamfest to be held in the Methodist Church.

“Not everyone can travel to Dayton,” says Club President Bobby Whitford of rural Chochise County. “So we wanted to offer them an alternative.”

Dayton – known as the largest and most comprehensive hamfest in the U.S. – draws thousands from across the country.

Whitford says he expects his hamfest to be on a slightly smaller scale. “We’ve rented the Methodist Church. They get 30 or 40 people in there for Friday night bingo, so it’ll be all right.”

Part of the attraction of Dayton is the wide range of seminars and presentations. Whitford says the “Maverick Hamfest” will also have an item of wide-ranging interest.

“Johnny Thompson is going to tell us about his gall bladder surgery. It allowed him to have a few days off of work and he got to work some good DX.”

The club will also hold a door prize for a “like-new” Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver, says Whitford, donated by a member.

“But ain’t no one seen it yet. So it may be little rough around the edges. There’s also an outside chance we’ll have an ARRL card checker, but don’t hold me to that!” jokes Whitford.

Tickets are $15 at the door.


photo credit: MyEyeSees via photopin cc

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  • Bob K0NR

    Well, with the admission cost of Dayton up to $25, I will be looking hard at the Maverick Hamfest alternative. I sure others will, too.

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