Radio Club Shakes Fist At Shutdown, Then Suppers At Golden Corral

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By WBØRUR, On The Scene

GOLDEN SPIKE, Montana –  Members of the Gold Diggers Amateur Radio Club planned the trip details, collected box-tops and raised money for months to fund a visit to the National Ham Radio Memorial on the mall in Washington, D.C.

Traveling via Greyhound charter to the nation’s capitol was the brain child of club member Junior Brown. But when they arrived in DC Thursday during the Federal Government Shutdown, the group of hobbyists was shocked at what they uncovered.

“When we arrived, the entire U.S. Government was shut down,” says Brown. “And it was on a weekday! We couldn’t even find the ham memorial.”

Washington, D.C., police were called to disburse the unruly crowd, after Brown and former club president Lou Rodden got into a fistfight over “the lack of planning and bone-headedness on the part of whomever planned this trip.”

Rodden told police he thought “the ham radio memorial was inside the White House, anyways – not on the mall – so they were going to head over there, knock on the door, and go in for a look-see around.”

Later that afternoon, the group was seen milling around outside the Golden Corral on Georgetown Avenue waiting for the restaurant to begin serving the “early bird” specials.

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