Peanut Whistle Transmitters Get Celebrity Endorsements

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WELLSBURG, Missouri — A Missouri-based amateur radio equipment manufacturer is unveiling new celebrity endorsements for their fledgling line of radio gear.

Peanut Whistle Transmitters announced the marketing campaign yesterday during a lunch hour press conference. The effort will “boost sales, introduce new radios to the amateur community and provide us a great set of celebrities for our next general sales meeting,” says the company’s Director of Marketing Erastus Pflemming.

“There are currently no major manufacturers taking advantage of ‘branded’ or ‘celebrity endorsed’ gear in the market place. The company feels like the opportunity is ripe for us.”

As a dozen reporters snacked on a platter of beef tips from the Golden Corral restaurant, Pflemming took the wraps off two parts of the new campaign.

“First, we’ve got a small, low-end rig we call the ‘GARY COLEMAN QSO MACHINE.’ Coleman’s image is featured prominently on the shipping box…and the internal voice module comes pre-programmed with his famous ‘WHAT YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT WILLIS!?’ catch-phrase. It’s perfect when you need the other station to repeat information during a QSO. It’s certainly better than ‘AGAIN AGAIN.’”

“Second, we’ll soon be offering the ‘ED SNOWDEN FB COPY STATION CONSOLE.’” Designed to interface with any transceiver, the device will systematically record every QSO, all dial movements and even all conversations within 50 feet. That data is then sent to a wireless device of your choice. “Think of the time savings in logging!” exclaims Pflemming.

During today’s press conference, Pflemming says a green and yellow John Deere radio may soon be available, along with a leather-wrapped Harley-Davidson mobile transceiver.

Finally, Peanut Whistle is negotiating with former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal for a complete set of radio transmitters, receivers, transmitters, tuners and other accessories. The company promises the “SHAQ SHACK” will be available for purchase soon.


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