Obama Signs Ham Radio Executive Order

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Barack Obama announced today he has signed Presidential Executive Order 11-HAMR, which deals specifically with amateur radio.

obama_ticket2 (2)“As many of you may know, I recently received my ham radio license. And you may also know that I was not pleased with the callsign assigned to me by the FCC. Rest assured, I have taken steps to rectify that problem through the vanity callsign program.”

“But today, I must resolve another issue that challenges the very integrity of ham radio. Presidential Executive Order 11-HAMR, otherwise known as the “Fairness in Hamfests” directive, mandates hamfest grand prize raffle winners MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.”

“Too many times I have seen the grand prize winners not in attendance when their ticket number or name was called. Too frequently, a “friend” has the ticket and collects the prize for the AWOL awardee.  It is time that we put an end to this, level the playing field and end the class warfare between those who are at the hamfest and those who have left.”

Ray Fergie, President of the National Radio Retransmission League, says he supports the President’s position, but feels like free market forces should drive hamfest rules and regulations.

“I’m not sure we need Washington getting involved in our hamfests. If I have to leave early to beat the crowd to IHOP, Denny’s or Golden Corral, then I should not have to forfeit my right to win the transceiver.”

When reporters asked Obama if other rules changes were on the horizon, the Chief Executive stated that in addition to weighty issues such as spectrum allocations, bandwidth specifications and licensing innovation, he “really likes those flashing callsign badges and thinks everyone should have one.”

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