Obama Installs Antenna; Disbands Park Service

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a move that surprised Washington insiders, President Barack Obama has issued an executive order immediately disbanding the Federal Park Service (FPS), the agency responsible for maintaining the country’s parks and forests.

The FPS drew fire from Obama, a newly licensed ham radio operator (see Ham Hijinks story), after it blocked the Chief Executive’s attempt to erect a G5RV HF antenna and tower atop the White House.

“As your leader, it is my job to remove obstacles which face the American people in their daily lives and stand in their way of liberty and happiness. If government regulations say I can’t hang a dipole on top of my house, then I must act accordingly,” said Obama in a hastily called mid-morning news conference.

Ham Hijinks Ham Radio NewsObama told reporters his extension ladder was leaning against the South Portico and he was headed up with coax and G5RV tied to his belt, when stopped by a FPS field agent.

“The agent said the White House grounds are considered a federal park and I would need approvals from Congress to set up my transmitting apparatus,” said Obama.

Obama hoped to participate in the weekend’s sideband contest, but was unable to get on the air in time due to the agent’s persistence.

Former spokesman of the Federal Park Service, Pontus “Smokey” Blumenthal says regulations regarding antenna erections in parks are clear, but the agent “probably should have looked the other way on this one.”

The President has established his ham radio “shack” on the top floor of the White House in the space formerly used to house Dwight Eisenhower’s orchid collection.

After getting his antenna up and coax routed, Obama says his next project is creating a state-by-state online marketplace to assist hams needing to purchase radio gear. He exclaims: “WE WILL CALL IT OHAMACARE! IT WILL BE GREAT!”

Look for the President daily on the 75 meter “Washington Insiders” net.  (Net control station for the month is John Boehner; check his QRZ page for times and frequencies.)

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  • ea5gsy

    Mandaremos urgentemente una dipolo Cuco al Sr. Presidente de USA en color azul para no desentonar con el entorno natural, esperando contribuya a su actividad como radoaficionado. 73 from Spain. Don Quijote’s land


    en el registro de radio aficionado dice que podemos erigir una torre con elementos irradiantes mientras sea dentro de los canones de seguridad y no molestemos en terrenos vecino y varias ocaciones en emergencias ,urgencias y concursos de habilitan parques nacionales terrenos fiscales y demas locaciones no es necesario ser presidente con tener activa la licencia basta atte daniel caballero cx4act/lu director operaciones comite internacional de defensa civil

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