NRRL Promotes Hot, Fresh Idea

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By WBØRUR, on the scene 

pizza_HTNEWINGSTEAD, VERMONT – In a media briefing today held at the organization’s headquarters, the National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) announced a year-long operating event for ham radio operators wanting to add “flavor” to their operating habits.

“The National Pizza Ovens On the Air event (NPOOTA) will begin immediately and run through this calendar year,” says legion president Ray Fergie, dabbing a spot of pizza sauce and parmesan cheese from his bolo tie.

“We hope to foster a unique radio experience for our members, while promoting the American values embodied in a good deep dish, stuffed crust, bacon laden 3-cheese pizza prepared by your favorite local pizzeria.”

Portable station NPOOTA activators are asked to post upcoming activations on the NPOOTA home page.  Throughout the year, both activators and chasers will be tallied on a leaderboard which includes total stations worked and total calories consumed.

Although details are still being finalized, the NRRL released the following list of FAQs:


Q:  Can I operate from the parking lot of my local pizzeria?

A:  To be considered a valid  NPOOTA activation, the transmitting antenna must be located with 10 feet of the pizza oven.


Q:  Can the “10 feet” rule be interpreted as positioned ABOVE the pizza oven?

A:  If you can get permission to operate a portable station on the roof, then “yes.”


Q:  What modes are considered “authorized” for this event?

A:  CW, SSB, Digital and All You Can Eat


Q:  Do I need documentation to prove my activation?

A:  The NRRL will conduct random audits throughout the year.  A photo of the radio operator and pizza cook will be required.


Q:  Since I am on a diet, is it possible to activate only the salad bar portion of the pizzeria?

A:  We hope to implement Salad Bars on the Air (SBOTA) later this year.



 photo credit: Rossopomodoro via photopin (license)


  • Randy

    Is there a list of pizzerias and are there any official twofers?

  • KX9X

    You forgot to mention that a multiplier credit based on crust thickness applies, and that only QSOs from bona-fide pizza establishments qualify. Restaurants that serve pizza as part of a larger, more extensive menu don’t count.

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