NRRL Announces NPOOTA Updates

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NEWINGSTEAD, VERMONT – “An overwhelming response and an overload of calories!” That’s how the man chosen to lead the National Radio Retransmission Legion describes the first few weeks of the organization’s “National Pizza Ovens On The Air” (NPOOTA) event.

Pictured here is NPOOTA activation site PO-1375, noted as a sensitive site due to the particular way in which the pepperoni is prepared.

Pictured here is NPOOTA activation site PO-1375, noted as a “sensitive site” due to its frequent restroom malfunctions.

“It is designed to celebrate local pizzerias across our country; those unsung heroes of regional cuisine and empty carbs!  But it’s become more – MUCH MORE!  It’s become a  ‘bacon-wrapped, cheese stuffed crust, triple decker, mucho-grande’ version of a radio operating event,” says incoming NRRL CEO Bob Gilligan.

Gilligan, a former jet set playboy millionaire with a penchant for single malt scotch and ‘extreme’ yachting, was tapped to lead the organization just last month.

Straightening his ascot and tapping the toe of his deck shoes, he says more ham operators are visiting our country’s pizza ovens than ever before  – and most are able to activate without ever getting out of their vehicles.

“Honestly, because of a technicality in the rules, our operators can activate a site without ever having any interaction with the local population,” says Gilligan. “At first, we were upset. But after reconsideration, we decided it was actually for the best.”

The NRRL has updated the list of “Questions and Answers Submitted By Hams:”

Q: My two local pizzerias are located next door to each other. Can I give out a “two-fer” if I am parked in the right location?

A: Yes, if you are within 10 feet of each pizzeria’s pizza oven. Please send us the names of the establishments and a large ½ pepperoni and ½ sausage and we will amend your upload certificate to allow you to confirm both via the NRRL Logbook of the Globe.

Q: My local pizzeria attempted to charge me for the “adult buffet” when I am clearly eating only salad.

A: This is terribly unfortunate, as we recommend the “supreme pizza” with extra cheese.

Q: Is it considered “pecuniary interest” if the pizzeria provides me a free pizza in exchange for specifically mentioning them on 40 meters 5x each hour?

A: No.  Please review Part 97, Sec. IV, Sub Sec.  9, Para. A,  Sentences 5-24 which details the amount of free food an operator may ingest prior to it being considered a “bribe.”

Q: Yesterday, my activation count on the leaderboard showed 15 units worked and 1300 calories. Today, I am missing 2 units and 500 calories.

A: In a random audit, it was determined that you activated the “Japanese Tofu House,” not the pizzeria.

Q: I worked a NPOOTA activator but my QSL confirmation has not shown up on Logbook of the Globe.

A: Please make sure that you correctly uploaded the QSO date, time, frequency and number of pizza toppings.


 photo credit: Pizza Oven Canton via photopin (license)

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