No One Notices Local Ham’s Post on Facebook

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

GRIDIRON BAY, Michigan — Self-proclaimed social media enthusiast Angus Clayhorn says he’s terribly dismayed that no one “liked” his recent post on a Facebook ham radio page.

laptop_smallRecently, the 18-year-old hipster posted an image of himself in front of his home brewed 6 meter repeater made of linked Wouxun handheld radios.

Now Angus says the lack of feedback left him feeling empty and alone. Friends say the 18-year-old moped around for days.

“He expected a comment or two. Maybe 5 or 6 ‘likes.’ But he got nothing,” says next door neighbor Wanda Martin.

Clayhorn says he will share the image on SSTV for additional feedback before making any decisions regarding future use of social media platforms.


 photo credit: RAHUL SEN. THE ART OF DATA TO DATING IN DIGITAL PRODUCTS via photopin (license)

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