Wet Noodle Antennas Introduces New Long Reach Antenna

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WELLSBURG, Mo. – The Wet Noodle Antenna Company, a division of Peanut Whistle Transmitters, is unveiling a new, ground-breaking antenna product just in time for the upcoming hamfest season.

The new and innovative long wire antenna, dubbed the “LONG REACH” *, will come in a variety of lengths and wire gauges sure to please even the most discerning amateur radio operator.


“We felt now was a superb time to introduce this unique product to the marketplace,” says company president Macy Blixton, daughter of Wet Noodle founder John Blixton. “And I must say initial feedback from the ham radio community has been overwhelming.”

Building on the quality engineering which made Wet Noodle a world-renowned name, the “LONG REACH” * random wire antenna will be offered in a variety of lengths and configurations.

“Suitable for every ham radio operator’s unique set of environmental circumstances” adds corporate spokesman Rafael Algonquin.

Each “LONG REACH” * antenna is a true random wire antenna:  no two are alike! Customer A may receive a 32 foot piece of 10 gauge solid copper wire; while Customer B may receive 47 feet of 16 gauge copper weave; Customer C may receive 16 feet of 14 gauge aluminum braid.

Strategically, the Wet Noodle engineers will NOT include connectors, feed points, insulators, installation or instruction diagrams with the “LONG REACH” *,  a tip of the hat to amateur radio operators ability to “customize each random length and type of wire to best suit their needs.”

Due to the random lengths and/or gauges of the finely crafted antennas– which ship in a hand-packed container – no operating specifications (i.e., resonant frequencies, etc.) are available.

“When the “LONG REACH” * is paired with one of our Peanut Whistle Transmitters, such as the Peanut Whistle Model 250 or Model 500, it’s a really a display of an unbelievable quality of workmanship, says Blixton.

“We are excited and look forward to serving the amateur radio community for many years to come!”

The “LONG REACH” * random wire antenna will be formally introduced next month at the Chili Dog Hamfest in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Suggested retail: $149.95.

* Legal disclaimer:  The term “LONG REACH” is not intended to imply any specific level of performance, wire length, resonance, conductivity, impedance, capacitive inductance nor DX operating ability.

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