New Time-Saving QSO Program Announced

Know Before You QSO Program
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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NEWINGSTEAD, VERMONT – The National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) today announced a new program designed to save amateur radio operators time and irritation on the ham bands.

New QSLAccording to NRRL Executive Director Bob Gilligan, the “Know Before You QSO” program authorizes US-licensed ham radio operators to identify with a special callsign suffix dependent on the operator’s political party affiliation.

“We think this is going to be just dynamite for hams!” exclaimed Gilligan, sipping from his glass of Courvoisier and adjusting his ascot. “How many times have you started a friendly QSO only to have it escalate out of control moments later because of something the other ham said?”

“Like minded individuals will be able to identify and find each other on the air,” stated FCC spokesman Pontus “Smokey” Blumenthal, joining Gilligan at the speaker’s podium.  

“The NRRL – working hand in hand with the FCC’s ‘One Kilohertz at a Time’ program – is taking steps to clean up HF. From this point forward, you can be assured that your QSOs will be friendly, opinions will be the same, and joviality will be the new normal on the air!”

Gilligan states that the NRRL will soon be selling various “Know Before You QSO” merchandise like caps, pins, mugs, drink glasses and t-shirts to help fund the initiative.  

“You should buy some,” he says.

On a related note, the NRRL says Logbook of the Globe confirmations will now appear in color – Republican QSLs illuminate RED; Democrat QSLs illuminate BLUE.  All QSLs with other political party affiliations remain without illumination since most people do not care about them.


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