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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NRRL LABS, VERMONT – Amateur radio equipment manufacturer Yaesu again raises the bar for top-of the-line ham radio equipment by unveiling the new “MR. RENAISSANCE” all mode/all band transceiver for ham radio operators with “sophisticated tastes.”

Based on the legendary FTDX-5000 transceiver, “MR. RENAISSANCE” has cutting edge transmitter and receiver specifications. Operators will find synthesized PLL split VFOs (with separate built-in secondary receiver) and a 32 bit DSP circuit. But NRRL Lab Manager Al Bobbison agrees with Yeasu company president Mike Lovington when he says it’s the “refined user functionality and interface” which sets this radio apart from the proletariat.

mr_renaissance2“We analyzed the very competitive transceiver marketplace,” says Lovington. “And we determined that most purchasing decisions are not based on anything remotely connected to electronic parameters and specifications. So we’ve added two very special features to the “MR. RENAISSANCE” that we believe will be wildly popular with the ham radio community.”

“For starters, we’ve added a tobacco pipe holder to the top of the radio. There’s really nothing any better than the sweet smell of pipe tobacco wafting skyward as the DX rolls in through the noise-canceling internal speaker. Inside the chassis – but directly underneath the pipe holder – is a small tray to catch any errant ashes which may spill from the pipe bowl. We recommend cleaning that tray at least once per month.”

“Second, we’ve created an ergonomically designed drink holder attached to the side of the finely crafted cabinet. Measuring 2.75 inches in diameter, the receptacle perfectly fits a snifter of Courvoisier cognac. Ham radio operators may now enjoy fine tobacco, a warm inviting drink and listen to QRMers attack the latest DXpedition pileup simultaneously.”

Repeated NRRL analysis of the new features have resulted in tremendous operating results and a long list of “volunteer operators” hoping to test the equipment.

Yeasu president Lovington says a voice-recorder/playback module – giving each operator a subtle British accent on-air – will be offered as a “MR. RENAISSANCE” option later this year.

Al Bobbison and the NRRL Lab techs give this rig “two thumbs ups” and say “Jolly Good Show, Yaesu!”



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  • Jeff k1NSS

    This might well be selected as Radio of The Year by Church of the Subgenius. The pipe, the cupholder, it’s all very Slack, very Bob. The Sophisticated Ham niche has been ignored for many years, ever since Collins got outa the ham business and it’s nice to see the One Percent get thrown a bone.

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