New NRRL Communications Specialist Makes Mark

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NEWINGSTEAD, VT — The new overseer of communications coming out of the National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) is making significant changes, just hours after taking his post.

Davis Gerr’s first action will be controlling expenses. “Subscriptions are down and we just can’t afford 73 anymore,” said Gerr.

The effort will be a multi-stage strategy. “We will use 72 immediately. If this budget trend continues, we will reduce to 57 and then 24 until things rebound.”

While researching amateur radio prior to interviewing for the job, Gerr noticed other cost-savings opportunities as he listened to transmissions on a store-bought handheld shortwave receiver. “We certainly won’t say ‘72s’ as if it’s plural. We’ll do more with less and use the singular version going forward.”

NRRL members can expect to see emails, bulletins and code practices sign off with “72” beginning this weekend.

 photo credit: franchiseopportunitiesphotos via photopin (license)

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