New HF Amp Will Shock Ham Radio

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WELLSBURG, Missouri – In a jaw-dropping announcement at the Consumer Electronics Convention (CEC) in Las Lunas, New Mexico, the Peanut Whistle Transmitter Company – makers of the famous Peanut Whistle 250 transmitter – announced a companion line of HF amplifiers to please even the most discerning amateur radio operator.

The new “Skeeter” line of high frequency amplifiers are optimized around the “desktop kilowatt” concept perfected by famous amplifier designer Tom “My Finals Are on Fire” Watson, a long time Montana ham now a silent key (hence the nickname).

“The CEC is the perfect place to pull the curtain back on this new line of amplifiers,” says Director of Marketing Erastus Pflemming

“Surrounded by these innovative thinkers and the cutting-edge equipment; let’s just say we really stand out from the crowd. You are going to want to swat this Skeeter right onto your operating desk!” he says.

Features of the “Skeeter” include:

  • Variable vacuum tube circuitry
  • No tune operation
  • Tremendous cosmetic and ergonomic designs

The “Skeeter” introduces a high pitched whine – like a swarm of mosquitoes – into your audio signal, which “alerts your presence to domestic and foreign (DX) stations alike.”

“When you fire up your station,” exclaims Pflemming, “your buddies will know you are using a Skeeter amplifier from Peanut Whistle! I guarantee it!”

Sold by the output power at $.015 per watt in 75, 150, 250 and 1000 watt models, Skeeter amplifiers promise “MORE HOLLER FOR THE DOLLAR” and will be available at fine ham radio stores everywhere, according to promotional materials.

By WBØRUR, on the scene


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