New Ham Unsure If He Really Needs to Stand When Told To Stand By

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by K5KVN, on the scene

ROLLING HILLS, OKLA. — Hearing the words “stand by” coming from his radio’s speaker is a confusing thing for Harold Benningloit.

5299868320_4a3c653aa6_bThe ham radio operator of less than two months says he spends most of his time in a seated position while operating his gear, so he feels conflicted when told to “stand by.”

“I probably hear that two or three times a day on various nets or on the repeater while driving home. I mean, at home it’s one thing, but in the car I absolutely cannot stand up,” says Benningloit.

Members of his local radio club didn’t offer much help. “No one takes me seriously when I ask. They all just say, ‘That’s a good one, Harold!'”

Until he finds out for sure, Benningloit says he will “sit by” when told to “stand by.”


photo credit: Gerard Ekdom looking confused via photopin (license)

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