New Ham Radio Dating Service Emerges

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By K5PO, on the scene

LONELY OAKS, Texas –  After seeing the flood of #hamentine tweets on his Twitter feed for Valentine’s Day, Lonely Oaks ham radio operator and Sr. Web Developer Bobby Grindle had a grand idea to solve a common problem of single operators on the prowl: Finding that special YL!

heartGrindle’s team of crack coders/hams sprung into action and the site was able to launch just two days after the lovebird holiday at “We’ve had a huge response!” cited Grindle. “Apparently I’m not the only successful and single ham radio op out there looking for that special YL to fill my shack!”

“Maybe you don’t want to go solo on the long car ride to Dayton, or perhaps you would just like the warm company of a fine lady at the local club meeting at Denny’s. If so, well then buddy, this site is for you!” claims Grindle with his used car salesman-styled pitch.

Unlike many dating websites, Gridle’s matching service doesn’t really use any algorithms at all. “Basically, if you’re a lady, and a ham radio operator… well… that’s plenty.”

Users are invited to first start with a text-based “QSO” through the site’s servers. If they seem to be resonant, they’re encouraged to have a live video-chat “Eyeball QSO.” Those that really arc-over may even opt to meet in person.

Grindle concedes that the site seems to be a bit lacking in a vital element. “We have some 30,000 registered members since just last Monday, but only… well… we have just two YLs.”


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