New Fad Disrupts Ham Radio Communications

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

FISH BAIT, Washington –   A new fad in amateur radio communications across the tiny hamlet of Fish Bait, Washington, has left the local VHF repeater quiet.

Table of HTsFish Bait Amateur Radio Club President Jakob Rovingmeyer of Eastern Evergreen Parrish, says problems started last month after everyone in the club bought an inexpensive $35 Chinese handie-talkie.

“We agreed that we should test a unit or two and determine the reliability of the Wofarg HT.  Before you know it, they were selling ’em like hot cakes to us. Within two weeks, there were 25 or more Wofarg’s in the club.”

Poor receiver sensitivity and four watts output means conversations on the repeater are very rare now.

“With the topography in Fish Bait, no one is able to hit the repeater. And when you can, no one hears it.”

Rovingmeyer says radio communication is so poor, they can’t hold their regular club net to plan another in-person meeting; so they’re stuck using the HTs for now.

“Maybe I’ll bump into a few of the guys down at the barber shop next week when I get my hair cut,” says Rovingmeyer. “But, hey, until then, we’re saving a ton of money on our repeater electricity bill.”


photo credit: Justin laughs via photopin (license)

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