New Event Brings Hams Together

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RACINE, WASHINGTON — A local ham radio group is pioneering a new way to bring ham radio operators together and clean up the airwaves at the same time.

The Northwest Operators In Several Events club (NOISE) will host “QRMing In The Park” this Saturday at the downtown dog park.

“The whole concept came about as a way to let some of these LIDS release their frustrations in a safe setting, all at the same time – and most importantly – on the same frequency,” said NOISE president Zeke Anderson. “Let’s give them this one chance to get it all out, then they won’t QRM at random times,” he added.

Amateur radio operator Myron Goldman says he likes the idea. “The barking dogs in the background will be a really nice touch,” he said.

Suggested items to bring to the event include:

  • Transmitter (preferably misaligned as to encourage splatter)
  • Antenna with high SWR
  • Straight key that can accommodate a brick set upon the key
  • Sound effects app on your phone
  • A referee’s whistle or other noise-making device
  • A dish suitable for potluck lunch

By K5KVN, on the scene


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