New Club Member Means Discounts At Golden Corral

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By K5KAC, on the scene

MONROE, Georgia — Distressed after receiving  their receipts at the quarterly club dinner, members of the Toad Hole Ham Radio Club decided to begin searching for a fifth member. Their aim: to take advantage of the “Group Discount” at the local Golden Corral. The search ended when Marion Gladstone inquired about requirements for membership into the club. “We let him in immediately,” said David Baker. “He may only be a SWL with a Realistic DX-160, but we really need that 10% discount! Plus, he is a nice enough guy.”

golden corralMembers noted that what initially began as an attempt at lowering food costs had other profound effects on the group. “We now have someone to make beer runs and refill the generator while we run two stations on Field Day,” noted Baker. When asked how Gladstone participated in club nets, Baker looked puzzled and said, “What club nets?”

Gladstone reported wanting to get a license, and though the other members of the group are VEs, he says, “They always seem to have something else going on. I am not suggesting anything, but it would be nice to do something besides listen to the BBC World Service.”

The recruitment tab from the club’s website, once located between the “Political Funnies” and “One Liners!” has been removed. When asked why, Ralph Jane, the club Treasurer, spoke up, “Well, you see, then we would have to pay the mandatory 18% gratuity for parties over five.”

As of press time, Gladstone’s name was not present in the FCC ULS database.



photo credit: jgarber via photopin cc

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