Michigan Man Declares Himself New DXCC Entity

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By WB0RUR, on the scene

YPSILANTI, Mich. — In what’s being hailed as a shrewd yet questionable move prior to Spring DX contest season, a Ypsilanti ham has declared his home QTH as a new DXCC entity. Gunter Geisel of Upper Flogdon County says he will operate from “Gunterlandia” using call sign of GNN0LA.

ypsilanti1Gunterlandia includes Mr. Geisel’s front and back yard (but not his side yard, which is currently used to store his brother-in-law’s Winnebago). He says he’s confident no other DX-pedition has activated the region before.

“Yes, I’m sure of it. Without question. There have been no previous DX-peditions to my property,” says the 56-year-old fishing guide. “It makes me the most wanted DXCC entity in the world.”

President of the Tall Pines Amateur Radio Club, Johnson Rhys-Smith, is doubtful that the new designation will be approved by official radio organizations. “Can you just do that? I don’t think so. Why hasn’t anyone done that before? I don’t think you can do that. Has anyone called the League?”

Mr. Geisel says he got the idea after reading all the Internet comments about DXCC entities like North Korea. “Why can’t we Americans have the most desired DXCC entity?” he questions, adding, “It’s time to stop sending  DX entities overseas!”

He will activate GNN0LA on multiple bands and modes during the upcoming DX contests.

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  • Dave, KA0GOA

    About 34 years ago a wimpy little classmate of mine (Eric) made a motion in our junior high ham school club to eliminate Morse Code as a requirement to get a Novice ham license. Then the club voted to eliminate the requirement. "Mutiny!" (I nearly cried out loud.) True story. I reminded my young classmates that we can't do that on our own in a little school in Iowa. Moans and groans came from those kids like me, aspiring to run only CW (and 250 watts at that) on 80, 40, 15, and 10 meters. To grab a mic, and yack, seemed like a mountain to climb– someday. Alas, poor Eric never got his Novice. Bless the Eric's…and the Gunter's out there. Yes, they're in Michigan– creating new DX entities. But– they're also driving 105 MPH (while programming their new Chinese HT) right down the crowded interstate, and back home at the shack at home defying current Extra Class exam questions about running a generator indoors, carbon monoxide be-damned. Freedom! It's the Eric's and the guys like Gunter in Michigan creating their own DXCC entities that also creep down the street in a 1979 Honda Civic running HF mobile (calling CQ DX…no U.S. Stations, Please….) with the rusting Heathkit Apache, Mohawk, and Warrior Amplifier family (sans a girlfriend….or real family). The Eric's. The Gunter's. I think Chuck Berry said it pretty well– something like– "It's a free country"…."live how you wanna live." Freedom! Long live the Eric's and the Gunter's. Free spirits, one and all. ¡Viva la QSL VIA BURO!

  • K6BBQ

    There are hundreds of us around the world that do this. On my QRZ page I list my QTH as the entity of K6BBQville although I am still a protectorate of Hamdonia.

  • Rodney Haines

    I live in Michigan. I thought the nation of of Hanovarian (formally the village of Hanover….) had already been declared a DXCC entity in 2010.
    But who could ever forget Petroria????

  • K5PO

    I was fortunate enough to work Petoria on 80m SSB during the entitiy's brief and contested era.

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