Man Quits Club After Field Day Brou-Ha-Ha

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

GOLDEN SPIKE, Montana – For the second time in two weeks, the Gold Diggers Amateur Radio Club meeting has been interrupted by short tempers and flying baked goods.

wineTwo weeks ago, the group was banned from their regular meeting place (the Sizzler) for causing a public ruckus and spilling a pot of vegetable soup on an elderly woman [Read the story here]. The group now meets in the Women’s Guild room at St. Mary Francis Parochial School, located next to Our Lady of the Eternal Resonance Church (3294 East Flipperton Avenue).

“If you can look past the doilies, tea napkins and pink carpet, it ain’t too bad of a meeting room,” says Club President Lou Rodden, reminding members to take off their shoes at the door so as not to track in mud.

“I’d like to thank Sister Mary Helen for allowing us to use this location…and here’s hoping she goes ahead and gets that Technician ticket someday real soon.”

After 30 minutes, the mood turned sour as members vied for one of the scheduled Field Day operating slots.

“I’m NOT working the overnight shift again!” shouted Fergus McPhee. “Someone else can take a turn.”

Reporters Note: Last year, club members found McPhee snoring into the microphone on 20 meter SSB. An Official Observer reported the incident as ‘another Russian radar jamming the band.’

McPhee –a self-described ornery cuss– was relegated to the overnight shift in 2006 after scaring off four operators who volunteered to log for him.

“If I can’t get on the day shift, I’ll just quit!” yelled McPhee, storming out of the room and slapping his hand on a table of day old pastries left by the Women’s Guild, sending them flying through the air.

A raspberry and cream cheese Danish sailed across the room and hit Vice-President/Treasurer Johnny Martin squarely in the forehead. Martin threw the pastry back at McPhee, but instead hit a cabinet full of Sunday communion wine, spilling the contents of three bottles onto the pink carpeting.

“WELL, NOW YOU’VE DONE IT!” yelled Junior Brown, glad that attention is now on someone else. Club president Rodden quickly adjourned the meeting so someone could go rent a Rug Doctor at the Publix and others could start scrubbing walls.

The location for the next club meeting has not been announced.


photo credit: Les_Stockton via photopin cc

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  • Jeff K1NSS

    The Rug Doctor reference alone was worth the price of admission.

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