Man Creates Multi-Purpose Rotator

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

JOHNSON’S LURCH, Oregon –  In what’s being called a breakthrough in both RF engineering and culinary apparatus, a local ham radio operator has devised a way to enjoy his two favorite hobbies at once:  ham radio AND eating.

bbqgrill_tower_smDr. Ivan Schmeister, a retired mechanical engineer and part-time inventor, has adapted his Hy-Gain Ham-IV rotor to not only rotate his large TH-11DX beam located at the top of his 75 foot tower, but through an elaborate system of pulleys, belts, trusses and duct tape, the rotor also turns a rotisserie cooking attachment on his family’s barbeque grill.

A man of considerable girth – 425 pounds – Dr. Schmeister says he was planning a family cookout one day when the idea hit him.

“I was longing for that great, cooked on an open spit flavor.  Since the nearest Golden Corral was miles aware, I began to daydream about the possibilities.”

“After studying the various angles, analyzing the Newton-forces, and identifying the appropriate amount of torque, I determined that ‘yes’, my ham rotor would sufficiently rotate a chicken.”

Dr. Schmeister now simultaneously enjoys cooking, eating and working HF.

He reports since implementing his new contraption in July, he has worked 14 new DXCC entities while preparing great tasting pork butt at the same time.


photo credit: davef3138 via photopin cc

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