Major Changes Coming To DX Clusters

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By K5KVN, on the scene

HORSETAIL, MONTANA — Some of the largest online DX Clusters are banding together for an extreme makeover of their popular station-spotting websites. The revamp involves a major change in how spots are posted, adding a more visual indication of what stations are on the air.

“A couple of weeks ago, someone showed us a photograph on the internet of a famous actor with a sarcastic remark written on it in all caps,” said Mikel Van Straussen from the “Station Nation” DX Cluster.

Known as memes, the images are often shared from person-to-person as mimicry on the internet.

“Many other DX websites are doing the same. It’s the future of DX and propagation communications in amateur radio,” said Van Strauss.

Going forward, DX spots will be noted only by a meme.

A trial run of the concept includes the following memes being used for rare stations on the air:

Willis Island









Badges County, Nevada (one of the rarest counties in the U.S.)









Aeronautical mobile stations on HF









The rollout of the new feature is expected to be completed on all DX Clusters before the CQWW contest.


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