Letterman Issued Embarrassing Ham Callsign

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NEW YORK, NY –  After months of studying, practice exams, and thumbing through the latest Ham Radio Outlet catalog, Late Night talk show host and comedian David Letterman has been issued a FCC amateur radio service callsign.

Letterman passed the amateur radio “General Class” exam last Sunday at the Empire State hamfest.

lettermanAfter successfully convincing his wife that he needed a new hobby to occupy his time during his upcoming retirement, Letterman passed the exam with an 86% score.

The Late Night host says despite his accomplishment, he’s disappointed in his callsign.

“I was hoping for something funnier,” says Letterman.

Letterman will join the amateur ranks with the call sign: KL1ENO

FCC spokesman Robert Thorndyke declined comment, except to say, “Wait until you see what we have planned for Conan O’Brien.”

You can work Letterman at 1800 UTC Thursdays when he checks into the Top Ten-Ten Net on 14.242 MHz SSB.

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    • kevin@kevint.net

      Thanks for linking to us! – HamHijinks team

      • Robert justice

        I looked up his callsign on http://www.QRZ.com and noting came up. is that a phony callsign

        • Username*

          Qrz .com is not an official register. It relies on people adding callsign and or profile.
          Surely the FCC has an official register.

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  • dem feels

    WOW just what I was searching for. Ham Hijinks is awesome. So much funny ham radio stuff. 73!

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