K1MAN Gone; New Ham Takes Lead On 14.313

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

VILLAGE HIGHLANDS, VT — In the wake of the Federal Communications Commission’s actions to invoke the “Red Light Rule” and cancel the license and application for renewal of K1MAN, a rural West Cheshire County man has been tapped to take his place on the HF airwaves.

Richmond Smithpeters, amateur radio operator K1BOY, says he will take a few days off of work to get ready for the new gig.

14313“Right now, I’m developing a list of topics which will provide a good platform to launch my three-hour diatribes,” says the mild-mannered elementary school teacher.

Combing his thinning dark brown hair and adjusting his horn-rimmed glasses, the teacher – who professes that besides ham radio “…cheese-making is another of my favorite pastimes” – says he’ll very likely start with random QRMing on 14.313 MHz.

“It seems to be the logical first step. There’s so much clatter on that frequency. I’ll be able to ‘dip a toe’ in the water and if I don’t get it right the first time, surely no one will notice and I won’t be embarrassed,” he shrugs.

In the coming weeks, he says he’ll progress into controversial broadcasts about patriotism, immigration, one-world conspiracies and the difference between Roquefort and bleu cheeses.

If you have a topic suggestion for an upcoming K1BOY broadcast, simply send an email to his QRZ address.

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