It’s A Miracle! Ham Sees “Last Supper” In LCD Screen

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

STATFORD-UPON-AVON – English ham radio operator Simon Bonningham is making amateur radio news headlines after a remarkable discovery.

“I turned the rig on and there it was,” says the 52-year-old Brit, who took up ham radio after retiring as a conductor on the Manchester and Bournemouth Railway Line.  Bonningham’s newly acquired Kenwood TS-590 prominently features DaVinci’s Last Supper on the LCD readout.

“I purchased the rig down in Liverpool; brought it home and powered it up. At first, I didn’t know what to make of it! I thought ‘Well, you’ve bloody done it now!’”

A phone call to the local dealer and to Kenwood UK confirmed what Bonningham already knew – it wasn’t a factory modification.

“The radio works fantastic,” says the bewildered Englishman. “It’s got a great receiver and I get good signal reports.”

There ARE a couple of drawbacks.

“The S-meter scale ends smack dab on top of Judas’s forehead. So that’s a bit disconcerting when you’re copying a strong signal. And the placement of the large LCD characters makes it appear that Jesus is peeking over the top of the transmit frequency.”

Bonningham says he’ll keep the radio for now, even though he’s had offers to purchase the device. “I’m not sure what to make of it,” says Bonningham. “But I know it’s worth big dollars to collectors on eBay.”

Click the photo to see a full-sized version:

DaVinci 590_a


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