Hobby Lobby CEO Issued Embarrassing Callsign

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A Ham Hijinks staff report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After months of studying, practice exams and searching for the right frame for his long-anticipated license, Hobby Lobby CEO Derrick Brown has been issued a FCC amateur radio service callsign.

medium_9570399476Brown passed the amateur radio “General Class” exam Monday at an Oklahoma City club meeting, the same day the Supreme Court issued a ruling in support of his retail chain’s desire to not cover certain contraceptives in its insurance plan.

Emerging from the VE test session immediately after learning of the court decision, a defiant Brown said, “Not only does the SCOTUS support our position, so does the FCC. And to be clear, that’s the missionary position.”

The CEO says despite his accomplishment, he’s disappointed in his callsign. “I was hoping for something more ‘crafty,’” says Brown.

He will join the amateur radio ranks with the call sign: NOØPIL.

FCC spokesman Robert Thorndyke declined comment, except to say, “We think Hobby Lobby is an excellent place to purchase frames for contest certificates.”

Brown says he plans to do most of his radio operating on Sundays, his only day off. You can work him at 1800 UTC Sundays when he checks into the Macreme Makers Net on 14.242 MHz SSB.

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  • TomTheHam

    YOU have been scammed OR… ?

    IF you had only bothered to check the “Ham Callsign” on the FCC database (ULS) which is an open, taxpayer-funded website, you would have discovered that the “NO(slash-zero)PIL” alleged “Ham Callsign” does not nor can not exist for first-time issue. Were you that stupid, OR …

    In fact, the entire story is false in order to feed your sick mind in quest of self-fulfillment of what you pass for ‘black’ humor or what was once was once called ‘in the trade: ‘yellow journalism.’

    If either is the case, medical professionals today would consider you and your ilk as being truly mentally ill, IF that is the diagnosed case to an high degree for a extended period. This could be serious.

    The Green’s and their family members have mores; do you have mores of any sort? This also is a serious matter to be discussed in these times.
    (Please notice that ‘mores’ is used as in ‘morality’ rather than as ‘more.’)

    Have you found your calling with your Amateur Radio license(s) to open your mouth and be proven a fool (in public places) rather than keep it closed and be thought one(s)?

    Those FCC licenses do NOT give you extra rights to lie or disparage others that enjoy this hobby or perform community service nor practice personal religious beliefs.

    I would say ‘shame on you,’ but I am not sure you are capable of feeling compassion. So, I will just have to pray for and/or pity you.

    Perhaps the Green’s and their families have hurt or offended you personally in some way. Why your hate of them? Do you hate me? Is your goal to have hate for someone or something everyday?

    If so, there are trained professionals in various fields available to help you before it is too late. There are many people with true compassion.

    I known. I know as I have called upon them in my few times of need in my seven decades of life. I suffer chronic pain 24/7, but I am happy and I treasure family and true friends as well as amateur radio.

    I am Fourth Estate (retired, several decades) by training and trade by the masters and have been recorded for history.

    AND…, as a very smart person once said…, “It’s not bragging if you can do it.”


    I guess you probably you are too smart to know what that means, either.


  • Anotherham

    I guess some do not understand satire.

  • Username*NoGawd

    And people wonder why religion is disappearing like the tooth fairy. Christianity was accepted when they realized that their Jesus character had a sense of humor. He was alledgedly quite a smart ass, actually. Mr. Chronic Pain need an enemy. I’m sure a lighter load would help him recognize satire when he sees it 🙂

  • Gordon A

    Now that’s funny no matter who you are. .
    If it was April fools day it would not be taken as fact, but some like to get upset over little or nothing. Still smiling.

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