Help Coming For Poorly Translated Manuals

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By K5KVN, on the scene

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Ham radio manufactures have inked a deal with the popular language learning software Rosetta Stone, in an effort to ease frustrations with poorly translated programming manuals.

Baowood marketing officer Lin Rosen admitted that a problem exists but they can’t change the manuals. “Our hands are tied! We have a long-term contract with the translators of our manuals. We can’t change them.”

A Yaecom official who wished to remain anonymous agreed. “We have a manual that reads ‘celebrate the aerial about the transmission.’ I have NO IDEA know what that means.”

The solution, according to radio manufactures, is not to change the manual but teach customers the additional languages. Beginning in 2014, most major radio manufacturers will ship the software for free with new radio purchases.

In addition to handling all “traditional” languages such as Chinese, Spanish and French, the software package will also help with the troublesome “broken English.”

Only one radio manufacturer did not take part in the agreement. Peanut Whistle Transmitters, whose popular QRM modules and radios with celebrity catchphrases are gaining popularity, said they will continue to offer their manuals in three variations, unique to their brand: Cajun, Southern Slang and Pig Latin.


photo credit: PhotoJonny via photopin cc

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