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Ham Radio Q&A

Got ham radio questions? We’ve got answers of some sort! Submit your question to and our crack team of researchers* will post answers here. Click on the questions to reveal the answers.
*Researchers could mean one or any of the following: PhD students, our plumber or no-code Technicians.


Dear Ham Hijinks…

What's the best frequency to operate on 40 meters? Sincerely, New Op

Dear New Op, probably a couple times a week! 73!

I want to erect a dipole with two 82 foot legs on my 100 foot lot. Any suggestions? Sincerely, Land Locked

Dear Land Locked, buy a vertical! 73!

Newly licensed Technician here! I got this sharp Yaesu VX-3R HT and it works great into the local VHF repeater. Thing is, these guys are kinda boring. Is this the best ham radio has to offer? With hope, Bored to Silence

Dear Silence, we hope we didn’t mislead you. Yes, it’s the best we have. You might try buying more radios, to make yourself feel better, like us. 73!

I got a Baofeng UV5R for my wife. How did I do? Thanks, Betrothed in Bedford.

Dear Betrothed, sounds like a good trade! 73!

My neighbor says my new off-center-fed dipole is ugly. What should I do? Sincerely, Sensitive Receive.

Dear Sensitive, We heard your neighbor said your hair was ugly, too. Going to the barber tonight? Of course not! Carry on, OM! 73!

I've always wanted to be a policeman. Sometimes I walk outside and yell 'UP! UP! UP!' at cars. Where do I apply? Thanks, Brainless in Seattle.

Dear Brainless, Sounds like you’re already on the job! Now go to the lower end of 20m phone and get those DX chasers transmitting UP where they belong! 73!


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