Ham Radio Club Holds Drawings at Hamfest; No One Wins

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

FALSTAFF, Iowa – A local ham radio club is vowing to “make changes” after no one won a single door prize at this year’s club hamfest.

ticketsAs is typical, the “QSY’ers Radio Association” offered various door prizes for attendees of the event. Participants received one door prize ticket with a paid admission, but could buy multiple tickets for a small additional fee.

Winning tickets were drawn randomly from a large tumbler cage each hour.

“There appear to be two issues,” says QSY’ers Club President Zachariah Bernish.

“First, no one could hear the winning numbers being announced. Bob Peterson, the man drawing the tickets and annual hamfest chairman, was yelling as loud as he could. But he just doesn’t have the lung capacity he used to have before the accident.”

“Second,” says Bernish, “we had an embarrassing schedule conflict. Attendees with winning door prize tickets were required to be present to win. Unfortunately, the Golden Corral up the road just started offering top sirloin on the lunch buffet. So, it siphoned off quite a few of our guests. Not to mention soft-serve ice cream. How do you compete against that?!”

Next year, the club says they’ll use a public address system to announce winning ticket numbers.

And they’ll visit with “Jim,” the manager at Golden Corral, to get a better idea of promotional lunch specials.

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