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By WBØRUR, on the scene

FLAT MESA, Ariz. – A local amateur radio operator says he’s offended by a video post he viewed recently on YouTube and wants to get to the bottom of it. Elk Valley resident Thomas Flipcart says the video degraded many aspects of his radio hobby and made light of those who participate in it.  It also discouraged those interested in radio from pursuing their goals.

Thomas Flipcart makes a lot of videos.

Thomas Flipcart makes a lot of videos.

Worst of all, says Flipcart, the video was recorded by him. “I guess I was just having the occasional bad day,” says the slightly balding man who is active in his local ham radio club. “I’m just not sure what to say except that I disagree with myself.”

Flipcart works as a traffic signal repairman in a nearby city. His current project is to change the green lightbulbs at intersections throughout the region.

“I’d appreciate the opportunity to have a fruitful and open dialogue with myself to resolve these differences,” he says. “There’s absolutely no truth to the video. The person who recorded the video – me – needs to be held accountable.”

It remains to be seen if Flipcart can find time in his busy schedule to visit with himself.

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  • Irate hams ain't what they used to be. In my day, there'd be none of this confliction, this contrition, this consarn reaching out to one's better judgement. The Iratest Generation never gave an inch. They never budged on big issues like SSB, transistors or callsigns other than W or K. They also never budged on bigger issues like the way that damn ham across town fed his dipole and combed his hair.

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