Ham “Just Sure” That Obama Is Out to Get Him

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by WBØRUR, on the scene

SEINS FORMIDABLE, UTAH – A Fulbright County man is casting wild accusations today against a high profile politician:  U.S. President Barack Obama.


“I heard that Obama got his ham radio license, but that can’t be right.” – Johnson Earwig

Local ham radio operator Johnson Earwig says the leader of the free world is personally making enjoyment of his hobby “almost impossible.”

Earwig – a regular contributor to right-wing conservative online message boards – claims Obama is manipulating the sunspot cycle to ruin propagation on Earwig’s days off from work.

“A few weeks ago, I shared one of those Facebook messages about Obama being the worst President ever. Now, I can’t make any contacts. The bands are not only quiet…they’re totally dead!”

Earwig says he is “almost 100% positive” that Obama saw his message online and “turned the dial” on the White House HAARP device to create the low sunspot numbers.

“It’s just typical of a Washington bureaucrat to do that to the little guy!” exclaims the retired bus mechanic and general class ham. “I’ve worked my entire life for some peace and quiet…and the opportunity to work DX. And now Obama goes and messes it up!”

Earwig says he’ll be happy when a new U.S. President is elected in 2016 so the sunspot numbers will go up again.

Editor’s note: President Barrack Obama reportedly received a ham radio license recently.

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