Ham Buys Last Rig He’ll Ever Need, Again

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By K5PO, on the scene

Radeče, Slovenia — Aleksander Horvat, Chief Technical Officer and CW Coach for the Lower Sava Valley Radio Club, was excited to announce to club members last week that he had just purchased “the last ham radio he’ll ever buy,” the venerable Kenwood TS-990S.

Mr. Hovart noted that though the rig was “a bit above my budget” that the quality and sheer longevity of future ownership would make it value.

happy man“As much as I’ll use this rig over the next 30-40 years, I can’t imagine it not being worthwhile. And when you consider all the radios I won’t be buying because I own this one… it almost pays for itself!”

Club President Anton Novak said this isn’t the first time he’s heard this from Hovart. “I think this would be his six or seventh ‘last rig he’ll buy’ in the past three years. We’ve stopped trying to talk him out of them at this point. We’re just happy when he sells the nearly unused last radio to a fellow club member at a deep discount.”

“I’ll probably never use another radio again,” said Mr. Hovart as he stared at the large glossy pictures of the Elecraft K4A brochure that arrived in the mail Wednesday afternoon.

At press time, Mr. Hovart had exchanged a series of emails with an Elecraft sales representative.

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