TV Picks: ‘Game of Rohns’ To Debut

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.– Entertainment producer Mark Cornett is announcing a new amateur radio themed television series scheduled to debut this fall on the American Television Channel. “Game of Rohns” will take place in the fictional New England town of Queen’s Landing, Rhode Island.

The show simultaneously follows three New England ham radio operators as they vie to erect the tallest towers in the hamlet; overcoming negative community reactions, city building and land use codes, financial challenges and other obstacles.

Cornett says he is excited about beginning production.

“It’s a remarkable story line with fame, fortune, tragedy, success and dragons. Well, no dragons. But it’s still exciting!”

The pilot episode introduces viewers to patriarch Eddie Stark, as he attempts to raise a 30-foot push-up pole with a UHF/VHF antenna mounted on top. Strong winds and violent winter weather bring the mast tumbling to the ground on the property of Stark’s neighbor, Tyrone Bannister, with whom Stark has a long-standing feud.

Both men decide to erect the “tallest radio tower ye may have ever had the privilege of climbing”; each attempting to out-do the other.

Check your local cable or satellite provider for times and dates.

Cornett says he is developing two additional amateur radio related shows for ATC, a comedy called “That Callsign Is Not Valid” and a documentary about obsessive compulsive disorder called “AGAIN AGAIN.”


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