Finger-Pointing, Name Calling As Club “Fails Miserably” At Field Day

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

GOLDEN SPIKE, Montana – A group of northern Montana amateur radio operators is disbanding their ham radio club after their worst Field Day showing in 27 years.

Club member Robert Willingham checks the group’s bylaws for info on how to disband the club.

Club member Robert Willingham checks the group’s bylaws for info on how to disband the club.

The road to this year’s Field Day was paved with potholes for the Gold Diggers Amateur Radio Club, as members endured heated confrontations, flying yeast rolls, overturned tureens of vegetable soup and ejection from two separate meeting locations – including a Catholic school altar guild room.

“To say we fell below expectations is putting it mildly,” says former club president Lou Rodden. “The members were so absorbed with making sure we had plenty of food, lawn chairs and drinks that we forgot to bring our radio gear.”

“It was NOT my job to bring the gear,” replied club member Junior Brown, when questioned by Ham Hijinks. Brown was chided repeatedly after forgetting to order food for last year’s Field Day. “I may have overlooked the food then…but I would never forget the radio gear. Knuckleheads.”

Immediately after Field Day, president Rodden called a meeting of club officers. The group voted to disband the club effective July 1.

“Ain’t nowhere to go but up!” said Rodden, who adds that he is now thinking about joining the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, “Jack-A-Lopes” contest club. “I even heard of one club in Arkansas that stopped operating at midnight so they could drink a pint of Fosters! That’s my kind of club!”

Dr. Johnson Longsville, Contest and Promotion Outreach Director at the National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL), says this is the first time a radio-less Field Day has happened.

“I can’t remember another group submitting ‘zero’ contacts on their log before. I’m a little surprised the Gold Diggers even submitted a log. Oh, we’ve had plenty of “two’s and three’s” before, usually due to radio failures or RF hash from a generator. But not because the entire club forgot to bring gear.”

[Editor’s Note: You can read more of our reporting on the Gold Digger’s Amateur Radio Club here.]


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