FCC’s “One Kilohertz At A Time” Gets Closer To 14.313, But Not Quite There

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By K5KVN, on the scene

BOLIVAR, Mo. – In the latest move of its “One Kilohertz At A Time” enforcement program, the FCC this week announced a $10,000 fine issued to a Missouri man for illegal operation on 14.312 MHz.

Seamstress Barbara O'Keefe found her niche - hamfests.Agents say it didn’t take long to discover the offender, once they finally got to the frequency he was on. “The ‘One KiloHertz At A Time’ program ensures that we will cover the entire radio spectrum, but that obviously will take an extremely long time,” said Enforcement Agent Ronald Speakman.

FCC agents began the program in 1974. “We started listening for offenders at 3 Hertz and have been working our way up the dial since then. We arrived at 14.312 MHz on February 25th and were very pleased to find some interference,” said Speakman.

This week’s announcement is welcome news to many ham radio operators who complain of interference currently happening one kilohertz away, on 14.313 MHz.

Agents are asking for patience as they continue to slowly sweep through spectrum. “We are aware of complaints about 14.313 MHz and we are working as fast as we can to get there. We are on 14.312 MHz now, and we’ll move up to the next kilohertz soon,” says Speakman.

Citing a need to preserve the element of surprise, Speakman wouldn’t provide specifics as to when that might happen.

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  • NA

    How long ago was this?

  • N3IMU

    Ham Hijinks should claim credit for breaking real news here. Of course you meant this as satire, but look what happened a few months later:


  • VE7KFM


    Shortly after the HIGHLY humorous original was published, I tied submitting a comment, but for some reason it did NOT appear herein.

    Today, I received notification of N3IMU’s comment and am trying again.

    FYI I am one of the “amateur radio operators” mentioned in FN #11 in both NALs and as such have something to say about the frequency in general and Brian CROW K3VR and his ‘brown-shirt’ Mike GUERNSEY KZ8O the former ND8V recently cited by the FCC in particular….

    For deep background on this “longstanding and well-documented” problem on 14.313 MHz and previously 14.272-.275 MHz peruse:


    and follow the instructions/explore the links to your heart’s content.


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