FCC Establishes National QRM Frequency

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia – In an unprecedented move, the federal agency that oversees the country’s communications policies has established a national ham radio QRM (a.k.a. interference) frequency.  The Federal Communications Commission has earmarked 14.313 MHz as the newly designated position on the 20 meter radio band.

“The Commission has taken a unique approach on this issue,” says FCC spokesman Matilda Blackburn. “There is already so much QRM on this frequency; it seems to be a logical decision.”

The Commission requests that hams desiring to create unnecessary QRM migrate to this frequency over the next few weeks. “We hope to have this frequency available to the general amateur radio community very soon.” says Blackburn.

But one ham radio operator, Johnson Thomasfeld of Springfield, Florida, is doubtful the idea will catch on. “I enjoy tuning up on top of on-going QSOs on 80, 40 and 15 meters, too. It’s an integral part of my enjoyment of the hobby. I’m sure my friends feel the same way. If you limit us to ONLY 14.313 MHz…well, that’s just not fair.”

Amateur radio operator Phillip Buccolo of Red Vine, California, objects for a different reason. “When I get on the air with one of my diatribes about the One-World government, I certainly don’t want to be QRM’d by someone else. Where’s my right to free speech!? IS THAT BEING TAKEN AWAY, TOO!?”

The Commission says profanity, grand-standing, self-aggrandizement, politics, religion, raspy and/or poor-quality signals will all be allowed – and in fact, encouraged – on 14.313 MHz. Blackburn adds that there no plans for official monitoring nor enforcement of the QRM standards; hams are expected to “self-police” the frequency.

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  • kr4ro

    It's about time! I can throw away my Cantenna now. No more smell of burning transformer oil in the shack! sweet!!

  • Hillarious. What a novel idea. Too bad, it's true.
    Russ, KH6JRM

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