Duck Dynasty Transceiver Coming To Hamvention

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WELLSBURG, Missouri – Famous for the grossly underperforming Peanut Whistle 250 and 500 model transmitters, Missouri electronics manufacturer “Peanut Whistle” is announcing a new transceiver will be unveiled at the Dayton, Ohio, Hamvention.

Director of Marketing Erastus Pflemming says the company hopes to align its product offering with current pop culture trends to sell units and get more people involved in ham radio.

Peanut Whistle Duck Dynasty radio

The Peanut Whistle Duck Dynasty “Grass Shadow” pattern, complete with duck call knobs.

“We looked at the marketplace and analyzed what people are buying right now. Based on the pervasive nature of ‘DUCK DYNASTY’ logo merchandise, we brokered a deal with the Robertson family.  You can’t go anywhere that the ‘DUCK DYNASTY’ brand isn’t slapping you in the face with everything from plastic drink glasses to toolboxes to cooking tools. Why not an amateur radio transceiver?”

The transceiver – which looks eerily similar to vintage Heathkit rigs in both design and color – will operate on ham bands 80-10 (except WARC) and is a “throwback” to a by-gone era with its use of vacuum tube circuitry.

Additionally, Pflemming says the unit will be available in two types of camouflage patterns:  “Forest Concealment” and “Grass Shadow.” Each unit will also be sold with duck call knobs, a heavy duty beard comb and a set of hunting overalls.


The Peanut Whistle Duck Dynasty “Forest Concealment” pattern is perfect for operating in the woods. Can you spot the radio?

Pflemming says hams who purchase units at the Dayton Hamvention will receive the special bonus of a pre-programmed voicekeyer which transmits “HEY! I’M CALLING CQ AND THAT’S A FACT, JACK!” in the voice of the family’s famous Uncle Si.

Peanut Whistle officials say if the Duck Dynasty unit does not sell well, it won’t be too difficult to rebrand the devices as “’DAPPER DAN’ O’ BROTHER WHERE ART THOU” limited edition transceivers.



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