Digital SSTV Gets Ham In Hot Water

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By K5KAC, on the scene

Digital SSTV image

Just one of the crystal-clear images you can receive on digital SSTV!

BALD KNOB, Ark. — A Bald Knob amateur radio operator is in hot water with his XYL after leaving the Easypal SSTV software open on his computer desktop. “I had read up on this new mode and really didn’t even consider that anything nefarious could show up. I mean, it’s over the FCC-regulated airwaves,” said a bewildered Arnold Gulledge.

“I had the IC-7410 plugged up to my computer, sending and receiving 20 meter SSTV images of hot air balloons with Fred out in the Finger Lakes when a station broke in and told us about the wonders of digital SSTV.I was a skeptic at first but he seemed really excited about it, so I thought I would give it a shot and bumped up a few KCs,” recalled Gulledge.

After receiving a half-dozen images of misidentified birds and wildlife, Gulledge walked away to get some coffee, passing his XYL, Martha, on her way to dust his shack. “That’s when I heard a scream and the ‘thunk’ of my Astron being abruptly unplugged. I looked at the monitor and there was a YL in half of her (nervous coughing) evening wear.”

You're a naughty OM!

You’re a naughty OM!

Gulledge at first assumed that he must have been hacked, but after reading the Digital SSTV Yahoo Newsgroup, realized that these images are par for the course. “I expect this kind of stuff on a Russian or Eastern European QSL card, but not over the airwaves. Disconnecting my computer from the internet appears to have helped. I think I will stick to what I know,” lamented Gulledge from a sleeping bag on the floor of his shack, his HT at his side.

Editor’s Note: At publishing time, there was still an Easypal shortcut present on Gulledge’s computer desktop.


photo credit: Alex Dram via photopin cc
photo credit: Felipe Beiza via photopin cc

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