Club Flagged For Multiple HIPAA Violations

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By K5KVN, on the scene

SWANSEA, S.C. — A local amateur radio club is facing legal action after it was discovered that its members routinely discuss intimate health and welfare details of other individuals.

group_of_men1Federal officials were first alerted to the problem by an update on the club’s website, which read “Hershal will not be at the meeting tonight due to another recurrence of diarrhea from eating unwashed lettuce from his garden.”

Health and Human Services Special Agent Wilson McGovern led the investigation. “The unauthorized sharing of certain private health information is something we take very seriously,” said McGovern. “But some of what we heard this radio club doing was just plain gross. Nobody wants to hear about that kind of stuff.”

Ham Hijinks obtained documents related to the investigation, which listed additional alleged violations:

– An on-air net where one man told of his wife’s recent bout with an oozing ulcer on her left foot.

– A club meeting where it was decided the club’s “tower monkey” could no longer hold that office because he is recovering from hernia surgery and currently cannot bend over to tie his shoes.

– A lunch meeting at Golden Corral where the group talked at length about “Michael’s” colon surgery and post-operation side effects.

The club could face sanctions up to and including revocation of their 501(c)3 status and confiscation of radio gear. All club members will also be required to attend an etiquette class on what is appropriate to talk about in a public setting.


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  • bugei

    a great example of why the proposal to allow hams to use encryption should have been accepted. if they could have had this gripping discussion in cypher, then no one would have known of their transgression

  • Gordon A

    This legal action is a little over board . Unless the ones that they were talking about complained who really cares if a foot was oozing o r someone had the runs. This kind of stuff of the Government jumping on people because someone is offended and is getting to be a first amendment issue. or to be more precise totalitarianism. Did the alleged offenders use profanity? Use proper terms and descriptions?. Next thing you know you cant tell anyone hello have a nice day or how you like oranges,some one might be offended and your chased by the government gestapo lackeys.

  • Username*

    It’s a satire site

  • nd9e2010

    Nets would be much shorter if this could truly happen.

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