Club Ditches Hats After Rude Comments

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

BEAVER PASS, Georgia – In what is being called a completely unexpected turn of events, members of a central Georgia radio club have opted to forgo their idea of wearing matching apparel at local hamfests.

“We thought it would be a great way to build unity and club morale,” says Archie Smithpeters, President of the Georgia Peaches Radio Club. “But it had just the opposite effect.”

Eyewitnesses say the 12 radio club members were heckled and harassed while attending the “Great Southeast Ham Radio Swap” held in late October at an Atlanta suburb conference center.

“It was bad enough that they were making fun of our bright purple polo shirts. But then we all donned our neon yellow berets to walk the exhibit floor. The cat calls and laughs were really just too much to take,” said Smithpeters.

Hamfest organizers say the rude comments came from just a few attendees; most hams attending thought the brightly colored bunch were members of an ethnic dance troop headed to a nearby quinceanera.

Regardless, Smithpeters says the yellow berets have been discarded and the club will only wear flashing LED call signs on their shirts from this point forward.



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