Radio Magazine Calls New Contest a Dramatic Failure

By WBØRUR, on the scene NEW CAMBRIDGE, Maryland – The staff at a national magazine devoted to amateur radio is calling its most recent radio contest a “dramatic failure.” Darius Von Sparringburg, Chief Editor of “73s and 88s” magazine, says logs submitted for the recently completed “North American QSO Championships” contain an unusually high number of errors. So many in […]

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New Dress Code Adopted For Vintage Hobby

By K5PO, on the scene Camp Manbresst, Wash. — Driven largely by the spike in popularity of webcams and live-streaming services like USTREAM, a new dress code has been adopted by FCC rule that must be met by all amateur radio operators involved in “transmitting activities.” Special Director of the FCC’s Decency Enforcement Acceptance Division Jacob Parpell noted it was […]

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Yaesu Radio Officially Changes Name

Yaesu changes name

By WBØRUR, on the scene BURBANK, California – In a move that has many amateur radio operators nodding their head in agreement, Yaesu Radio company officials are announcing an official corporate name change. YAESU Radio will officially become YEASU Radio, effective on September 1. Company president Mike Lovington says it’s a move that is long overdue. “Have you checked QRZ, […]

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Man Returns To Find Entire Shack Sold At SK Estate Sale

By K5KVN, on the scene LOYNIHAN, Ky. — Police say charges won’t be filed in what appears to be an unfortunate misunderstanding at the Shady Lakes Retirement Center. Wilford Merrington, an 82-year-old ham radio operator who lives at the assisted living facility, returned from a dentist appointment yesterday to find a small crowd gathered inside his apartment. “Someone screamed ‘YOU’RE […]

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Leaked Memo: “Submersible” Radios Really Just to Encourage Showers

By K5PO, on the scene QINGZHEN, China —  Memos recently leaked from a top amateur radio equipment supplier have left the ham community embarrassed and the company scrambling to escape from a public relations situation run afoul. This memo exposes the real reason submersible HTs were created.The memo in question, penned from the ZuTango Radio Company’s CEO Zeung Weng, was […]

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