Valentine’s Gift A ‘Big Hit’ For Radio Operator

By WBØRUR, on the scene NACODOCHES, West Virginia — Mr. Harold “Butch” Crutchfield of Upper Combover County is nursing a gunshot wound to the upper thigh, after presenting his wife with an outstanding Valentine’s Day present: an Alpha 9500 amplifier! “She’d been hinting around that she wanted something really special this year,” says the 63-year-old civil engineer. “So I thought […]

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High Emotions At QRP Club Meeting

By WBØRUR, on the scene KERRVILLE, South Carolina — Arguing and fisticuffs marked the monthly meeting of the Kerrville QRP Ham Radio Club this past weekend. Gathered at the local Denny’s Restaurant to discuss club business and enjoy the “Early Bird” special, the mood turned sour quickly when it was discovered that none of the members have ever been able […]

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Juniper Valley Radio Club Announces Hamfest Lineup

By WBØRUR, on the scene TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, New Mexico – A local group of radio experimenters and tinkerers known as the “Juniper Valley Amateur Radio Club” has announced the organization’s hamfest plans for the upcoming season. “We’re going to begin the season big and finish even bigger!” says club president Mortimer Booker, who had been in charge of the […]

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