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PORT O’ SMITHSON, ALABAMA — Hoping to fill a ham radio void, the Marshy Plains Amateur Radio Club of Mid-Alabama (MPARCMA) has announced a new on-air operating event.

In response to the popular NRRL National Pizza Ovens On the Air (which concluded last year) MPARCMA has unveiled plans for “Literally Anything On the Air.”

“It’s a no-holds-barred, smoke’em if you got’em type thing,” explains president Jefferson Dillweed.

“We don’t care what you activate: summits, valleys, armchairs or one lane bridges — it doesn’t matter!” he exclaimed.

The club says there are no rules – just upload contacts to NRRL’s Logbook of the Globe and watch the award certificates pile up on your door step. (For a small processing, handling and postage fee.)

“Go have fun and get the mics humming and keys clicking,” says Dillweed, “activating literally anything on the air.”


  • Can I activate a state park? YES
  • Can I activate my town square? YES
  • Can I activate the dog’s kennel? YES
  • Can I activate that new credit card I got in the mail today? YES AND THEN USE IT TO BUY A RADIO AND ACTIVATE LITERALLY ANYTHING.

Editor’s Note: You can activate literally anything.

By WBØRUR, on the scene




  • KN6Q

    I’m confused about how to get a “two-fer” or “three-fer” under this new system. If I activate in the parking lot adjoining the Pizza Hut and the Golden Corral, do I get credit for both?

    • N8NRD

      I think you get the Golden Pizza Corral award. Dont quote me to that tho.

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