Brian Williams: My Ham Radio Claims May Be Inaccurate

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By K5KVN, on the scene

NEW YORK CITY — Some amateur radio operators are questioning claims by NBC News anchor Brian Williams that he is a newly licensed ham radio operator. Branching out from the “professional” broadcasting ranks into the “amateur” radio hobby is something Williams said he has wanted to do “since interviewing Hiram Percy Maxim in 2009.”

brian_williams“I was thrilled to take and pass the Advanced license class exam earlier this week,” said Williams. “I ordered my first Heathkit straight from the factory on Tuesday.”

The newsman said he passed the exam in his hometown of Ridgewood, New Jersey.

“In addition, it was only a few minutes after receiving my vanity callsign K2FIB that I earned my DXCC certificate,” said Williams.

Williams announced that he had his license in an amateur radio online forum, when he posted in the “Wanted To Buy” section, looking for “one of those cheap handheld Chinese radios.”

“I don’t recall you being in my test session,” said Renee Spangledorf in reply to the forum post. He is the Volunteer Examiner in charge of testing for the Ridgewood Radio Rangers.

Williams posted a reply saying he may have misremembered some of the facts. “I might be a no-code Tech. I’m not sure,” he said.

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  • Jim M

    Nice try, but Hiram Percy Maxim died in 1936…..

  • John AE5X

    He’s everywhere:

  • Wendell

    If you look that call sign up it isn’t issued to anyone so he is a liar.

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